About Us
Our History

The Circle of Care Center for Families opened its doors in November 1996, following ten months of planning and preparation by many professional and lay people in the Chambers County, Alabama Community. Chambers County had been identified as one of ten sites statewide for the establishment of a family service center, based on the county's need for services to improve child and family well-being. The Chambers County Council for Neglected and Dependent Children, Inc., a private non-profit organization serving the community since 1969, served as the parent organization for the Center's development. The Federal Family Preservation and Support Act (now the Adoption and Safe Families Act), administered by the Department of Human Resource, provided initial and on-going funding for the establishment of the center.
Our Vision

The Circle of Care Center for Families aspires to help make Chambers County a place where children are protected and loved, individuals are respected, families are empowered, and community is valued.

Our Mission

The Circle of Care Center for Families offers programs and services designed to strengthen and support families while improving the quality of life and promoting the safety and well-being of children in Chambers County.

Our Values

We believe that all families and individuals can build upon their strengths and increase their self-sufficiency and self worth through empowerment, skill building, information, encouragement and direction.  We are committed to equipping families with the knowledge and resources they need to nurture and rear their children in a safe, stable home environment by demonstrating dignity, compassion and respect for the families we serve; integrity in all that we do; and accountability in the management of our resources.